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MLB 'extremely disappointed,' investigating Miami PED clinic allegations

Major League Baseball has issued a statement regarding Tuesday morning's news on performance-enhancing drugs published by the Miami New Times.

Hannah Foslien

Major League Baseball has issued a statement regarding Tuesday morning's allegations on performance-enhancing drugs and a clinic in Miami published by the Miami New Times.

The commissioner's office is "in the midst of an active investigation" into the allegations and reports. MLB will refrain from comment until the process of gathering and reviewing information is complete.

While MLB expressed disappointment over the potential links between players and the use of PEDs, it said that the developments "provide evidence of the comprehensive nature" of the league's anti-drug efforts.

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The major body behind these efforts has been MLB's Department of Investigations, and MLB acknowledges that the DOI has been "actively involved in the issues in South Florida." MLB also points out that three of the players named in this morning's report, Melky Cabrera, Yasmani Grandal and Bartolo Colon, have already been disciplined under the Joint Drug Program.

MLB continued on to say that "vigilance remains the key toward protecting the integrity of our game," adding that it remains "fully committed to following all leads and seeking the appropriate outcomes for all those who use, purchase and are involved in the distribution of banned substances, which have no place in our game."

There is certainly more to come from MLB, as some are comparing the situation in South Florida to the former BALCO situation.