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Yankees want to void final $114 million of Alex Rodriguez's contract

The Yankees are reportedly trying to get out of the over $20 million a year they owe Alex Rodriguez, although it doesn't seem likely that will happen, even if his alleged connection to a PED clinic is completely true.

Jonathan Daniel

The New York Yankees will reportedly try to void the $114 million left on Alex Rodriguez' contract after allegations that he received PEDs from a Miami clinic, but it doesn't seem particularly likely that they'll be able to.

According to Andrew Marchand and Wallace Matthews of, the Yankees are pursuing "about 20 different things" that might have invalidated his contract, such as taking medication from an outside doctor or breaking the law by purchasing controlled substances.

However, they might be grasping at straws: Marchand and Matthews, they probably won't be able to do anything outside of a league-mandated 50-game suspension for taking performance enhancing drugs, even if everything in the Miami New Times report about Rodriguez' connection to Dr. Andrew Bosch proves to be true.

The Yankees did not seek any such action after Rodriguez admitted to prior steroid use in 2009. As Pinstriped Bible wrote, the three-time MVP and 14-time All Star has seemingly fallen out of favor in New York: once a perpetual contender for a .300 average and 30 homers, Rodriguez hasn't done both in the same year since 2008.

He hasn't played over 140 games since 2007, and is going to miss some of the beginning of the upcoming year after offseason hip surgery - not to mention his postseason woes that saw him benched by Joe Girardi. At any rate, he doesn't seem worth $20 million a year anymore to the Yankees.