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AL West News & Rumors: Cruz, Shoppach, Baker, Coello

Here's all the latest news, rumors, and cool stuff to read out of the American League West.

Hannah Foslien

The big news of the day out of the American League West is definitely that Nelson Cruz was implicated in the Biogenesis/PED allegations that also named Alex Rodriguez and Gio Gonzalez in the report. If you haven't already, please head over to Lone Star Ball for Adam Morris' great coverage of the issue. Not to be missed.

The other big news is that Kelly Shoppach finally ended his dance with the Mariners and signed today. Jeff Sullivan has a fantastic if somewhat deflating coverage (what, you wanted a mind-blowing backup catcher?) over at Lookout Landing that's worth a read, assuming you have some hot tea next to you.

Here's all the latest: