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Alex Rodriguez unlikely to return to Yankees, according to report

Third baseman Alex Rodriguez is unlikely to play for the New York Yankees again.

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Third baseman Alex Rodriguez is unlikely to play for the New York Yankees again, as the hip surgery he is recovering from "will likely derail his playing career," according to Bill Madden, Christian Red and Teri Thompson of The New York Daily News.

Alex Rodriguez is unlikely to ever wear the pinstripes again, sources familiar with the Yankees' situation with their troubled third baseman told the Daily News, no matter what happens regarding new allegations that he is again involved with performance-enhancing drugs.

Rodriguez will be left in "such a diminished role" following his hip surgery that he may have to consider a settlement or outright retirement, according to the staff of The New York Daily News.

According to baseball sources, if Rodriguez continues his career he'll only be available as a part-time player, leaving him "presumably unable to achieve any of the incentive clauses" remaining in his contract. At this point, Rodriguez is guaranteed another $114 million over the next five years.

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The two scenarios the Yankees and Rodriguez face at this point are immediate retirement or delayed retirement, according to The New York Daily News. If Rodriguez retires due to his injury, the Yankees could collect up to 85 percent of his remaining contract through insurance. If he rehabs, returns in a lesser role and eventually retires on his own, New York would engage the veteran in settlement talks.

Of the two scenarios, New York would undoubtedly prefer Rodriguez to step away due to injury, as nothing is guaranteed when it comes to settlement talks.

The Yankees haven't categorized Rodriguez's injury as career-threatening, and they continue to collect information on the South Florida performance-enhancing drug scandal. General manager Brian Cashman did say that Rodriguez could be sidelined for the 2013 season as a result of his recent surgery, but he could also return closer to the All-Star break.