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Diamondback Rumors: Upton, Kubel, Headley

The Arizona Diamondbacks are looking for back into the NL West playoff picture after a disappointing 2012 season. They are exploring the trade market thoroughly at this point, looking to exploit their glut of outfield talent.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The Diamondbacks are shopping outfielders in an attempt to bolster their infield and pitching staff. While Justin Upton remains the top target for other teams, it appears Arizona would rather move Jason Kubel. Kubel is coming off of a strong season after hitting .253/.327/.506 with a career high of 30 home runs in 2012. However, at 30 years old, the veteran is considerably less desirable than the 24 year old Upton. Kubel has two years of team control left. The outfielder is owed $7.5M for 2013 and has a $7.5M option for 2014 with a $1M opt out clause. Upton’s contract is guaranteed through 2015.

The Orioles are interested in Kubel, but the Diamondbacks want young pitching from Baltimore and that is a non-starter at this point, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

The Padres and the Diamondbacks have been involved in a number of talks for both Kubel and Upton, but the two teams are not close on anything at this point. Jack Margruder of FoxSports Arizona has the Diamondbacks targeting Chase Headley but San Diego is not willing to move him.

The Rangers have been interested in Upton for some time, but they want to build a deal around third base prospect Mike Olt and not shortstops Elvis Andrus or Jurickson Profar.

The Mariners are "desperate" for an impact bat but Upton has them on his no-trade list and he does not appear willing to compromise that leverage. Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times has heard it is simply a money-issue and could be solved with a new extension.