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Rangers rumors: Michael Bourn, Justin Upton, Kyle Lohse

Texas is still looking to add more fire-power.

Denis Poroy

The Texas Rangers finally made a move over the weekend to help supplement the losses of Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli, signing veteran Lance Berkman to a one-year, $10 million deal with a vesting option for a second season.

After a rumor-filled but mostly quiet winter, the Big Puma is the Rangers' third major-league signing in the last three weeks, and the club may may not be done yet, reports Jon Heyman of CBS Sports:

While Michael Bourn, Justin Upton, and Kyle Lohse could all be in play, the cost for any of the three will be steep.

Upton has been on the Rangers' radar for some time. Arizona originally wanted a package that included either Elvis Andrus or Jurickson Profar in exchange for Upton, but now that the Diamondbacks' needs have changed some, perhaps they can reopen trade discussions.

Bourn and Lohse would both cost the Rangers a draft pick if signed, so it is likely an either/or scenario with the two top remaining free agents. Bourn adds a lot of value with his glove -- and about as much as one can on the base paths -- but would not come close to replicating Hamilton's bat in the outfield.

Lohse -- coming off a career year at age 33 -- could be in for some regression, but the Rangers might be able to get him at a discounted rate seeing as he has yet to receive an offer from anyone.