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Scott Hairston choosing between Mets and Yankees

The outfielder is being courted by both New York franchises, each offering desirable options.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Scott Hairston has been a popular outfield option this winter, but it seems that the outfielder is finally prepared to settle down. Hairston is mulling between offers from the Mets, with whom he has played since 2011, and the Yankees, according to ESPN New York's Wallace Matthews. Hairston's agent, Casey Close, told Matthews that a decision should be coming very soon.

Hairston is coming off his best-ever season for power; with the walls drawn in at Citi Field, the righty-swinger swatted 20 home runs in 398 plate appearances en route to hitting .263/.299/.504 on the year. The 32-year-old offers very little in terms of patience at the plate, as his career OBP sits at .302, and his career TAv is about average, at .267 (his career batting average is a much lower .247). However, both the Yankees and the Mets are banking on Hairston's ability to pummel left-handed pitchers. In his career, Hairston has hit .276/.325/.500 against southpaws, but just .229/.288/.416 against northpaws.

Hairston will likely be relegated to platoon duty with either New York franchise, but the Mets might offer him more playing time than the Yankees. The Bombers are looking for a right-handed outfield complement to Ichiro Suzuki and Brett Gardner. However, Hairston might find the lure of a post-season berth appealing, which would boost the Yankees' bid for his services.