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Mets rumors: NY won't pursue Michael Bourn

The Mets probably won't pursue centerfielder Michael Bourn because of draft pick compensation costs.

Scott Cunningham

While the New York Mets could use help in center field, it would make sense for them to be interested in the best outfielder on the market, Michael Bourn. However, Andy McCullough from says that the Mets are unlikely to pursue him.

McCullough says that the fact Bourn turned down a $13.3 qualifying offer from the Atlanta Braves is a big reason they will not go after Bourn. It will take a draft pick to sign him as he is a Type A free agent who turned down that qualifying offer.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson has even stated that the Mets do not want to lose their number 11 overall pick, which is what it would take going to the Braves as compensation to sign Bourn.

"We don’t want to lose our first-round draft pick," Alderson said. "We think that’s one of the ways we got into the predicament we’ve had over the past couple of years."

He added, "We’ve very wary of that. It’s not our M.O."

The Mets outfield situation isn't one other teams envy, but it looks like if they want to improve it, Bourn will not be a part of that picture.