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Rangers rumors: Michael Bourn, Kyle Lohse

Texas has yet to rule out the top two remaining free agents.

Daniel Shirey

The Texas Rangers have been fairly active on the free-agent market over the last few weeks, adding Lance Berkman, Jason Frasor, and A.J. Pierzynski to the organization.

And while the Rangers have reservations about signing Michael Bourn and Kyle Lohse, they have yet to rule out either player completely, reports T.R. Sullivan of

With five weeks to go before Spring Training, Texas has not ruled out going after Bourn or Lohse, who are the top two free agents remaining on the market.

The Rangers have been reluctant to pursue either player to this point because of the perceived high demands being set forth by their agent, Scott Boras.

But both players remain unsigned, with no landing spot in site.

While Scott Boras alone is enough to give any organization pause, Bourn and Lohse also have the added baggage of being tied to qualifying offers from their incumbent clubs. If Texas were to sign either player they would be forced to give up their top pick in next year's draft as well as the money allotted to that pick.

GM Jon Daniels told Sullivan that the club is not desperate to sign either free agent, and that he would be happy going forward with the roster they have, but also acknowledged that another outfielder and/or starting pitcher would not hurt.

Sullivan speculates that Bourn would be the more probable addition if the Rangers do go after the pair. The speedy 30-year-old could be a nice addition to an outfield that is currently planning for a platoon of Craig Gentry and Leonys Martin in center field and will see both Nelson Cruz and David Murphy hit the open market at season's end.