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2013 MLB General Managers on hot seat: 5 that should be worried

Sources have told ESPN's Jim Bowden that a handful of GMs could get the axe in 2013.

Ed Zurga

Major League Baseball does not really have an equivalent to the NFL's "Black Monday," when underperforming coaches around the league are sacked the day following the end of the regular season.

What baseball does have, however, are managers and GMs sitting on the proverbial "hot seat" as the season begins. While MLB general managers have had pretty good job security of late, ESPN's Jim Bowden thinks that could change soon:

For the most part, major league general managers have enjoyed relative stability and continuity over the last few seasons.

However, with so much turnover in managerial positions the last couple of years, there’s the likelihood that some general managers will lose their jobs soon, especially those who already have gone through multiple managers during their tenure.

According to Bowden -- a former GM himself -- his sources believe there are five general managers who are at risk of losing their jobs as the 2013 season approaches: the Pirates' Neal Huntington, the Royals' Dayton Moore, the Mariners' Jack Zduriencek, the Rockies' Dan O'Dowd, and the Indians' Chris Antonetti.

Of the five GMs, only Moore and Antonetti have made the risky moves this winter that could hint that their job is hinging on success in 2013. All five GMs have a losing record in their tenure with their respective club and only Zduriencek and O'Dowd have experienced a winning season at the helm.

Bowden believes there is still the possibility that all five could prosper in 2013 and earn contract extensions rather than getting the axe, but the prospects for some are likely much better than the others.