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MLB Hot Stove: Finally heating up

After a flurry of activity in the League Monday, there's little doubt Hot Stove season is finally in full swing.

"You signed who to do what?"
"You signed who to do what?"
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was the first big day of the offseason where we can all point to and say, THERE. That feels like hot stove season, baby!

Now that we're here and the Winter Meetings are barreling toward us faster than you can say "THREE HUNDRED AND TEN MILLION US DOLLARS" it might be easy to lose your place in the panic.

No worries, though. Here is a quick recap of everything that just happened:


20131004_ajl_av3_006Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports


20130406_kkt_sv7_490u wot m8? USA TODAY Sports

Minor moves

20130301_kkt_sv7_230USA TODAY Sports

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