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MLB trade rumors: A VERY simple breakdown of Prince-for-Kinsler

A lot of different people have said a lot of different things about what might be the biggest move made this offseason, but if you think about it, it's pretty simple.


Sometimes these deals can get pretty complicated. It's virtually impossible for regular people to truly understand how much money has changed hands. And a player's future value on the field is kind of murky. But the easiest way to assess this monolithic transaction is to simply look at the basic numbers that are available.

The Rangers added payroll

$168M (Prince Fielder's remaining contract)
- $62M (Ian Kinsler's remaining contract)
+$30M (cash considerations from DET)
$76,000,000.00 added

Advantage: Tigers

The Tigers subtracted payroll

$62M (Ian Kinsler's remaining contract)
-$168M (
Prince Fielder's remaining contract)
-$30M (cash considerations to TEX)
$76,000,000.00 subtracted

Advantage: Tigers

The Rangers added a 3+ fWAR player for 2014

Steamer projections have Fielder slashing .286/.387/.498 & 3.7 fWAR next year.

Advantage: Rangers

The Tigers also added a 3+ fWAR player for 2014

Steamer projections have Kinsler slashing .262/.337/.426 & 3.6 fWAR next year.

Advantage: Tigers

The Rangers are committed for 7 more years

Advantage: Tigers

The Tigers are committed for 4 more years

Advantage: Tigers

Both players' best might already be behind them

Advantage: the other 28 teams

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