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Tigers hire Brad Ausmus instant reaction: Great, good-looking hire

The consensus is in -- everybody loves the Tigers-Ausmus pairing and projects good things to come. What's your reaction?


The Detroit Tigers went about as far from Jim Leyland -- an aging, mustachioed, old-school manager famous for smoking -- as they could. They hired Brad Ausmus and, other than both playing for the Tigers, the only thing they have in common is that Ausmus is SMOKING. Or at least that's what everyone says.

What should we make of the hire?

Detroit News beat writer Tom Gage explains (stating his opinion through others as only newspaper guys can do) why everyone will love Ausmus:

Jeff Passan skips the reaction and explains why the match will work. TLDR? It's already a great team:

Great story from Eric Stephen of True Blue LA:

And everybody thinks he's HOT. How hot?

It's probably not fair, but how does he compare to Jim Leyland? Our Tigers blog Bless You Boys is way out in front of everyone on the story and ran the comparison when the rumors first surfaced that he was a candidate. They measured the most important things: likelihood of bunting, bullpen management, willingness to berate umpires, emotion, and mustache quality. Of course. Give it a read: Brad Ausmus scores a 3.3 out of 10 Leylands.

What do you think of the hire? Let us know below.

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