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Nelson Cruz denies PED allegations in statement

A statement released by Nelson Cruz's attorneys denies the PED allegations of the Miami New Times' bombshell report that tie their client to illegal drug use.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The attorneys of Texas Rangers right fielder Nelson Cruz have released a statement denying the "allegations and inferences" of the report linking the outfielder to performance-enhancing drugs, reports Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

"We are aware of certain allegations and inferences," Cruz's law firm, Farrell and Reisinger, said in a statement given to The Associated Press.

"To the extent these allegations and inferences refer to Nelson, they are denied."

Cruz is alleged to have spent at least $4,000 last year at the Miami clinic in question, Biogenesis, and to have purchased drugs known as "troches," which are described as lozenges laced with 15 percent testosterone.

One of six players named in the Miami New Times' report, Cruz is now the third player to formally deny the PED allegations. His statement follows similar declarations made by Alex Rodriguez and Gio Gonzalez, the only two other players implicated in the report who have never faced a drug suspension.

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The Rangers have yet to speak with Cruz about the allegations, according to Richard Durrett of ESPN, electing to wait until Major League Baseball has concluded their investigation before discussing the potentially contentious matter.

If MLB's investigation -- which will include interviews with all six players implicated -- does prove fruitful, the league can hand Cruz a 50-game suspension as a first-time PED offender, even without a positive test result. Were that to happen, the Rangers are planning on using in-house options like Mitch Moreland and Mike Olt in Cruz's stead, rather than pursue players in free agency.