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Twins Rumors: Joe Saunders, Aledmys Diaz

The Minnesota Twins are still working on some offseason transactions. Two such transactions may include veteran pitcher Joe Saunders and Cuban free agent Aledmys Diaz. However, it's possible that neither lands in Minnesota.


The Minnesota Twins have been trying to lure Joe Saunders for at least a week now. The team reportedly made a one-year offer to Saunders and has been sitting back waiting for a response ever since. They may increase the offer after news broke that Saunders may have a two-year deal on the table from another team, but they could continue to sit back and wait. The team has also shown interest in Cuban free agent Aledmys Diaz. However, Diaz may quickly become too expensive for the cash-strapped club.

According to ESPN 1500, the prevailing notion is that Saunders simply does not want to sign with the Twins. If necessary, Minnesota may offer Saunders a two-year deal to get him to sign, but they have not done so yet. If Saunders truly does have a multi-year offer from another team, the Twins will have to make a move soon.

Also in the report from ESPN 1500, a Twins source has said the money may prevent the Twins from landing Aledmys Diaz.

"The projected money is getting out of hand."

Both Saunders and Diaz could have an immediate positive impact on the organization. Saunders would bring leadership and a good amount of remaining talent to the table. Diaz would potentially invigorate the fan base. The club is not generally linked to big name international free agents. While Diaz may not be of the same level as Yoenis Cespedes, he can still cause a stir.

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Saunder pitched for the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Baltimore Orioles last season. Between the two clubs, he posted a 9-13 record with a 4.07 ERA. He was slightly better after he was traded to the Orioles. In seven games with Baltimore, Saunders had a 3.63 ERA.

Diaz is a 22 or 23 year old who numerous teams have expressed interest in, including the Tigers. Any team that signs him will have to hope that Diaz can prove he is, or reasonably pass for, 23. If a player is 23, teams do not have to count the signing against the bonus pool as part of the CBA.