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MLB Rumors: Scott Podsednik drawing interest from basically nobody

There have been teams who took a look at Scott Podsednik this offseason. Unfortunately for Podsednik, there is other talent available that teams seem more interested in.

Jim Rogash

Scott Podsednik is in wait and see mode. He was granted free agency after playing for the Boston Red Sox in 2012. However, Podsednik is at a point in his career where his services are not necessary to a team's success. At least that seems to be the mentality among teams right now. Therefore, he must wait. He must wait while players who are thought to be better sign. He must wait as teams take the field and start kicking the tires on their rosters. He may have to wait until after the regular season starts.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports says teams like Podsednik. But they must not like, like him. Rosenthal says Podsednik will have to wait for a team suddenly in need of help due to injury or lack of production. Or he may get some additional interest when the rest of the free agent market thins.

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Podsednik has played in 11 Major League seasons. He is a veteran who can bring leadership to a clubhouse. However, that leadership will need to come with production in most cases. There may be a team willing to sign him to help motivate the younger guys, but as the league continues to see parity, more and more clubs are seeking veterans who can still swing the bat. But the funny thing about Podsednik is that he can actually swing the bat.

In 63 games last season, Podsednik hit .302/.322/.352. He was not used as often as he would have like which resulted in the small sample size for games-played. Yet even over the course of his career, Podsednik has proven he can hit. In his 11 seasons, Podsednik is a .281/.339/.379 hitter.

Podsednik will likely come cheap for any team willing to sign him. Last year, he made just $1.65 million. Before that, in 2010, Podsednik didn't even crack a million. But there is still hesitation. There is still a concern about his ability to play in more than a quarter of the season. He didn't play in the Majors at all in 2011 and played less than half a season last year. That's concerning for teams who are looking to compete throughout the entire season. However, someone will scoop Podsednik up. It's just a matter of time.