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Mets rumors: New York still 'hopeful of signing' Michael Bourn

The New York Mets remain "hopeful of signing" free agent center fielder Michael Bourn.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Mets remain "hopeful of signing" free agent center fielder Michael Bourn, but there are currently no discussions between the union and league about the team's draft pick issue, according to Andy Martino of The New York Daily News.

The Mets have been the team most connected to Bourn recently, but they still aren't being characterized as the favorite to sign him. New York and Bourn's agent, Scott Boras, continue to hold negotiations on the free agent's next contract. While Boras is reportedly seeking at least four guaranteed years at $15 million per season, the Mets are willing to offer three years and $40 million.

New York doesn't appear interested in bidding against themselves in order to guarantee the signing of Bourn. The Mets don't believe any team has an offer greater than $40 million on the table for Bourn, and it appears they're willing to wait to see if the center fielder falls into their lap.

Another issue is the draft pick compensation involved with the Bourn signing. The Mets will reportedly attempt to have their No. 11 pick protected and instead surrender a second-round selection if they sign Bourn. The issue on compensation won't likely be resolved until the Mets and Boras reach an agreement.