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Diamondbacks Notes: Goldschmidt, Payroll

The Diamondbacks held their annual FanFest, and with that some of their executives talked to the media. Let's take a look.

Christian Petersen

The Diamondbacks held their annual FanFest on February 9th, and some of their executives talked to the media, Steve Gilbert of wrote about the event.

The main highlight of the article is that the Diamondbacks approached first baseman Paul Goldschmidt about an extension last offseason, but Goldschmidt's side wanted to put talks off until next year at the earliest.

The team says that it wants to be aggressive when retaining its young talent, and that they thought locking up Goldschmidt could be a part of that plan.

The team has recently locked up newly-acquired Martin Prado, who was acquired from the Braves for outfielder Justin Upton. Arizona also resigned second baseman Aaron Hill, which faced much scrutiny in the eye of public opinion.

The article also discusses that Arizona recently finished paying off their loans from when the franchise was first created, which has led them to be able to increase payroll. The team will have its largest payroll since 2002 coming into this season.