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Carlos Zambrano rumors: Big Z headed to Asia?

If Carlos Zambrano isn't able to find a contract with a major league team, he could head to Japan or Taiwan to continue his career.


Pitchers and catchers are reporting, and the offseason is winding down. Still, several veteran players have yet to find a home, including free agent Carlos Zambrano. If the right-hander is unable to find a contract with a major league club this spring, he may sign with a team in Japan or Taiwan, according to Paul Sullivan of The Chicago Tribune.

Zambrano is a former top prospect and three-time All-Star that garnered Cy Young consideration during his time with the Chicago Cubs. However, Zambrano was always a borderline-crazy individual that had several run-ins with his teammates and coaches.

When his numbers began to decline, the Cubs elected to trade the headache that Zambrano became to the Miami Marlins in exchange for Chris Volstad. Despite his career ERA of 3.66, Zambrano has been unable to find a job this offseason.

From his major league debut in 2001 through the 2010 campaign, Zambrano maintained an ERA of 3.50. Over the past two seasons this mark ballooned to 4.66. Last year with the Marlins, the 31-year-old posted a 4.49 ERA over 35 appearances, including 20 starts, with a 1.27 strikeout-to-walk ratio.