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Felix Hernandez contract details

A detailed breakdown of King Felix's record-breaking seven-year, $175 million contract extension with the Mariners. Complete with a poll!

Stephen Dunn

The Seattle Mariners made their seven-year contract extension with right-hander Felix Hernandez officially official yesterday, holding a press conference to announce the deal and allow King Felix to speak about his future in the Emerald City. (Click here to watch highlights from the conference.)

Also disclosed at the conference were the specific details of the deal, which will keep Hernandez in the M's blue/green/silver through at least the 2019 season.

Here's the year by year breakdown:

Year | Money

2013 - $19 MM

2014 - $22 MM

2015 - $24 MM

2016 - $25 MM

2017 - $26 MM

2018 - $26 MM

2019 - $27 MM

Signing Bonus - $6 MM


Total $175 MM

That's a whole lotta dough.

Felix's contract also includes a conditional team option for an eighth season, per Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, but that stipulation will activate only if the right-hander's elbow becomes a serious problem at any point during the first seven years of the contract. Specifically, it means that if Hernandez goes to the disabled list for "more than 130 days in any 183 consecutive major-league days" because of a right elbow injury, then a $1 million option for the 2020 season is activated.

This option essentially protects the Mariners in the event that Felix needs Tommy John surgery some time this decade. If Felix suffers a major injury to anything other than his elbow, however, the option cannot be picked up.