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Rangers rumors: Ryan Theriot among utility player options

Texas has been exploring their options for a utility infielder both in and out of the organization.

Ezra Shaw

The Texas Rangers are still keeping an eye on free-agent Ryan Theriot as they weigh their back-up infielder options for the coming season, reports Drew Davidson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Ryan Theriot is a name that has come up in discussions among Texas Rangers' brass as a potential fit for the bench in 2013...

The list of internal candidates to be the team's utility infielder begins with Jurickson Profar and Leury Garcia, but the Rangers seem hesitant of using young prospects with everyday potential as bench players.

Davidson posits that the Rangers haven't had a player like Theriot on the roster the last few years because their infield full of All-Stars has made it difficult to promise time to a utility guy. Theriot might not have interest in signing up with a team like Texas that will guarantee him only limited playing time.

Michael Young essentially played the utility infielder role the last few years, but now that he's in Philadelphia the Rangers need to plug someone else into that spot.

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The Rangers have a third in-house option in non-roster invitee Jeff Baker, but he hasn't demonstrated the range needed to play shortstop so his contributions on the infield would be limited.

Davidson believes that Garcia makes the most sense for now, as he can play in both the infield and outfield, but Profar's status as the top prospect in the game could push him onto the Opening Day roster.