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AL East rumors & news: A-Rod, Overbay, Bourn, Lohse, Rodney, Ugly Hats

Here's all the latest rumors, news, and cool stuff to read around the American League East.

Dave Sandford

First thing to know about the American League East this week: this Biogenesis scandal (which sounds like a perfect materia weapon from FFVII) is getting pretty big, not the least of which is because Alex Rodriguez is highly implicated and some of the details are mind-blowing (like the clinic operator Anthony Bosch missing A-Rod's vein and blood getting 'everywhere').

The other thing to know is that life goes on outside of A-Rod, and when all is said and done I suspect he'll be a passing afterthought in regards to how this season shakes out ... unless my Yankees friends are looking for scapegoats. Here's all the latest:


Red Sox



Blue Jays