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Freddy Sanchez rumors: Giants return would be 'dream situation'

The veteran middle infielder is not quite ready to call it quits and is on the prowl for a guaranteed deal.

Ezra Shaw

Freddy Sanchez has missed most of the last two seasons battling his way through a series of back and shoulder injuries, but he's not ready to throw in the towel just yet. The 35-year-old infielder is hopeful that he can latch on with a team this spring, and not just on a minor-league deal, reports Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area:

The popular former Giants infielder continues to stay active and play long toss in the hopes that a spot will open up in someone’s camp this spring, agent Paul Cobbe told me.

"He’s not looking to hang ‘em up by any means," Cobbe said. "He’s honest and upfront about where he is and that he’d be a utility guy. But he wants to do that..."

The agent said he has fielded offers for Sanchez to try to win a bench job, but they’d rather wait and monitor teams than take a non-guaranteed deal at this time.

Sanchez's "dream situation," according to Cobbe, is to re-sign with the San Francisco Giants. But the given the hesitancy the club has had in bringing back fellow middle infielder Ryan Theriot -- who is both younger and healthier -- does not leave much hope for Sanchez.

The winter market has been littered with minor-league deals for veteran players like Sanchez, so a big-league deal is highly unlikely. His best chance of getting a guaranteed contract is probably to wait for players to fall victim to injuries during camp and hope that someone signs him out of desperation.

If that were to happen, clubs would also have to select Sanchez over the other available free-agent second basemen: Theriot, Orlando Hudson, Adam Kennedy, and Willie Harris. A three-time All-Star and the 2006 NL batting champion, Sanchez is a career .297/.335/.413 hitter in a decade of pro ball.