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AL West Notes: A's Relocation, Domonic Brown, Kyle Lohse

Taking a look at the buzz in the AL West.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

In perhaps the most intense division race last season, the Athletics stole the AL West from the Rangers on the last day of the season in 2012. Let's examine the news around the AL West.

Headway in San Jose?

In what has been a much-disputed topic, the Athletics continue to try and relocate to San Jose. The MLB presented them with a list of guidelines that would give them a better chance to be able to relocate. If they meet these guidelines they will not be guaranteed a relocation, but it would be a major step in the right direction.

I would imagine that eventually the Giants are going to have to cave and allow them to relocate, as the team is steadfast in its pursuit of San Jose as a relocation option. It is certainly a better area for the team than Oakland is, which is just not placed well in regard to its availability and convenience.

Join in the conversation over at Athletics Nation regarding the subject.

Dom Brown in H-Town?

The Astros and Phillies discussed Domonic Brown over the offseason, but the team was not eager to give up an outfielder when that position is a question mark. The team may have found potential playing time for the promising young outfielder, but that is only because Delmon Young is having injury issues (all the lulz).

I think trading for Brown is exactly the kind of move that Houston should be exploring, which means that he is a cheap, potentially undervalued talent with a good amount of upside. A similar move for them was acquiring Fernando Martinez when the Mets let him go.

Nobody wants Kyle Lohse in this division either

Add the Rangers to the list of teams not interestedin Kyle Lohse. The lovable righty has not been able to find a home, which you may have noticed is an emerging theme in these roundups. It is a shame to see such a solid starting pitcher not able to find a home, but such is the case in the new CBA for a type-A free agent.

I still would not want Lohse, especially if I was a team like Texas that likes to be aggressive in the draft. Losing that first rounder would cripple their efforts in the rest of the draft.