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MLBDD Editorials Week 8: Bob Nutting, Tyler Flowers, Chase Headley, arbitration

Original content from some of the best writers the internet has to offer - MLB Daily Dish Editorials wrap-up.

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Beyond the breaking news, the rumors, the injuries, and the trade analysis, there is a wealth of information that still has to be covered in baseball. This coverage comes in the form of editorial written by our staff writers. These editorials provide in-depth coverage of the things you're talking about at the moment. A big trade? A new face? Controversial topics? We've got it all covered.

For all of our MLB Daily Dish Editorial content, make sure to check out the editorials section. For this past week's content, just keep it locked int right here.

  • I responded to CBS Sports' Scott Miller and his call for more from accused PED users like Ryan Braun. Miller essentially suggested that Braun owes fans more of an explanation, but what Miller failed to recognize is that we are the ones with the power. We don't need a player's explanation to make decisions.
  • Nathan Aderhold explained how baseball could have possibly avoided arbitration for the first time ever. Not a single team and player went before an arbitrator this season - a first since the process launched in 1974. Could this have been a fluke, or is this a sign of changing times in baseball?
  • I took a look at some of the notable players to get a one-year contract to avoid arbitration and tried to see if we could determine what that player's future held. A one-year deal could mean one of three things; an extension on the horizon, a trade coming, or free agency in the future.
  • Cee Angi dropped in to talk about the White Sox and the problem at catcher. With A.J. Piersynski gone, Tyler Flowers is the go-to guy. But should the White Sox have done more? Should they have hit the market to find a better replacement for Piersynski?
  • Bill Parker covered Bob Nutting (I won't touch this one), and his thoughts on the Pirates going forward. The Pittsburgh owner had some candid thoughts on the club's future and discussed what to make of the team's inability to sustain success throughout the entire season.

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