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Alfonso Soriano rumors: Veteran unsure of return to Yankees

Soriano isn't sold just yet on moving back to the Bronx.

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

Curtis Granderson's forearm fracture yesterday quickly reignited rumors that the Yankees could go after veteran outfielder Alfonso Soriano as a possible solution to their outfield depth problems. While taking on a two-year contract to alleviate a two-month injury may seem a bit drastic to some, it is one of many possibilities.

For his part, Soriano -- while open to a trade eventually -- is not sure whether he'd waive his no-trade clause for the Yankees before the season kicks off, reports Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune:

"I hope they don't look that way because I'm feeling comfortable here and I believe in this team," he said. "We have a better chance this year.

"I don't like to say no," Soriano said. "That's the team that opened the door for me in the big leagues. But, like I said, that was a long time ago...

"If they call for me I have to think about it."

It was rumored last week that the Yankees had some level of interest in Soriano, but that they would not be willing to give up even a "good prospect" in exchange for the 37-year-old.

There's a chance that stance has changed now that Granderson is out until at least May, but with their $189 million payroll goal and Robinson Cano's big-time extension on the periphery, taking on Soriano's last two years is still a gamble for the Bombers even if the Cubs agree to eat most of $36 million left on his contract.

The Yankees have several in-house options to man left field for time being -- including Juan Rivera, Matt Diaz, and Thomas Neal -- though none of them boast power numbers anywhere close to what Granderson is capable of providing.