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The MLB Classic Video vault has been opened! Watch/embed/share your favorite moments!

You know how MLBAM removes all unlicensed baseball videos from the Internet and it kind of really sucks? Well, they're finally starting to make some amends. Check out all sorts of new, classic moments.

Mike Zarrilli

Over the past several months, some kind soul at took the time to dip into baseball's vast game-footage vault* and upload scores of classic baseball video for our viewing pleasure.

The uploader went a little heavy on the Barry Bonds splash shots (and what the hell is this?), but large majority of the goodies s/he found in vault are baseball gold.

My three favorites:

The Mick Hits No. 500

That's a pretty damn empty stadium considering...

Astroturf... Meet Face. Face... Astroturf.

...and that was the last game Tony Barron ever played. Not really, but RIP Tony Barron's face.

Lofton Pulls a Trout

If Jack Morris makes it into the Hall for his one complete game, then it's only fair that Kenny Lofton makes it in for this catch.

*Early reports indicate there was no sign of Walt Disney's head, though sources tell me that Geraldo was there cowering in the corner, whispering something about Al Capone.