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Zack Greinke gave Rangers final bid

In the end the right-hander opted for Los Angeles, but not before giving the Rangers one last chance to win him over.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

When Zack Greinke signed his six-year, $147 million contract with the Dodgers in early December, it seemed that LA had simply given the right-hander a deal that no one else could match. While that may still very well be the case, it doesn't mean that another club wasn't given the opportunity to best the Dodgers' bid.

In fact, it is believed that Greinke gave the Texas Rangers one last shot to win him over once the Dodgers had their final offer in place, sources have told Jon Heyman of CBS Sports:

Greinke gave the Rangers a chance to win his services, presenting them with an offer to become a Texas Ranger if they met it...

It isn't known what Greinke's offer to the Rangers was but can be presumed to be higher than the deal he ultimately made, considering he admitted money was the first factor.

In any case, ultimately the Rangers decided not to meet his price but rather countered it.

The two teams were in a "dead heat" for Greinke's services in the end, according to Heyman, but the Dodgers' third-year opt-out clause was likely too good for the right-hander to pass up. Greinke also told Heyman that he vastly prefers playing in the National League, not necessarily because he gets a chance to bat, but because he believes there is more strategy involved in the game.

In the end, though Greinke "liked both organizations," he decided to go with the one that would net him the third-largest contract for a pitcher in baseball history.

As a result of his opt-out clause, Greinke stands to re-enter the free-agent market following the 2015 season -- when he'll still be just 32 -- and could see an even bigger pay day then if he plays his cards right.