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Wilson Ramos injury: Catcher's knee '95 percent healthy'

Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos' surgically repaired right knee is now 95 percent healthy.

Joe Robbins

Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos told reporters, including Amanda Comak of The Washington Times, that his surgically repaired right knee is now 95 percent healthy.

After appearing in only 25 games for the Nationals last season, Ramos tore his ACL and MCL while blocking a pitch. The significant injury ended his 2012 campaign, and it required surgery to repair.

When he entered Nationals' camp two weeks ago, Ramos said that his knee was roughly 80 percent healed. At that point, he still hadn't resumed blocking pitches.

Now, Ramos is once again blocking pitches and participating in most other baseball-related activities. In fact, he took part in a drill a few days ago which required him to block 35 errant throws. This activity helped alleviate his fear of what would happen when he once again put his right knee in the ground.

While he's nearly all the way back from injury, there is one more hurdle facing Ramos, according to Comak. The backstop needs to be cleared to slide before doctors will allow him to participate in spring training games. In order to avoid impact on his right knee, the Nationals are attempting to teach Ramos to tuck his left leg under his body when he slides.

Ramos hit .267/.334/.445 with 22 doubles and 15 home runs in 2011, garnering Rookie of the Year consideration that season. Washington acquired the 25-year-old from the Minnesota Twins in July of 2010 as part of the infamous Matt Capps deal.