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Yankees not interested in Johnny Damon

The Yankees won't pursue Johnny Damon as a fill-in for Curtis Granderson.

J. Meric

Despite Johnny Damon's lobbying for a spot with the Yankees, general manager Brian Cashman shot the rumors down today, reports Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York.

Cashman said that the Yankees won't pursue the 39-year old outfielder.

Damon of course played for the Yankees from 2006-2009, but that was when he could still play the outfield every day. Cashman mentioned his inability to play the outfield everyday as a reason for him not being a potential replacement.

Cashman said that the Yankees would try to fill the need with the players already in the organization, which include Matt Diaz, Juan Rivera, Melky Mesa, and Zoilo Almonte.

It is fair to wonder if Damon is really better than any in-house options, although it couldn't hurt to bring him in at minimum salary and see if he can give them anything. Cashman was adamant when saying that he wanted to fill the spot with an internal option.

The article mentions that Scott Boras reached out to the Yankees about any potential interest in his client, but the Cashman said that they responded similarly to Boras.

Since leaving the Yankees, Damon has played for the Tigers, Rays, and Indians. He was cut midway through last season by the Indians after posting a batting average of only .222.