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Miguel Cabrera, Adam Jones, and the perils of too much free time

Because Miguel Cabrera in an eye patch wasn't quite uncomfortable enough, the Tigers' third baseman has returned to the MLB Fan Cave to cover Rihanna's latest "hit song" with the help of Orioles center fielder Adam Jones. It gets weird.

Peter Macdiarmid

Oh, MLB, what have you done now?

I've never heard the Rihanna song -- "Diamonds" -- that the following video apparently covers, but given the twenty-some computer programs the singer's voice was run through (is that T-Pain?), I think I'm proud of that fact.

I know it's super painful, but try to wait it out for the super random cameos at the end. It really ups the WTF quotient:

WHY IS IT SNOWING?????... What? Those supposed to be diamonds? Oh dear lord.

You think they could have at least gotten Scott Diamond to sing a verse...

The regular season REALLY can't start soon enough.