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Yankees rumors: Eduardo Nunez will not play left field

GM Brian Cashman has ruled out another possible LF solution, stating that Eduardo Nunez just don't "profile as an outfielder" at the plate.

Jim McIsaac

As the search for an outfielder to supplement Curtis Granderson in the Bronx continues, GM Brian Cashman has ruled out his third candidate in the last two days.

We already knew that the Yankees did not plan on pursuing outside help from Johnny Damon and Alfonso Soriano, but now we can add in-house candidate Eduardo Nunez to that list, reports Chad Jennings of the Journal News:

Cashman also offered an explanation of why Eduardo Nunez won’t be considered for the left field job. "I don’t think he profiles as an outfielder with the bat," Cashman said.

Nunez, 25, has played in a utility infielder role for the Yankees the last three seasons, and his results haven't been so great. His .272/.318/.384 batting line in 491 plate appearances barely "profiles" for the back-up infield role he's played in New York, so Cashman's sentiment about Nunez not fitting the corner outfielder mold is a sound one.

Even with Nunez, Soriano, and Damon out of the left field picture, the Yanks still have plenty of options to cover for Granderson's absence, though none of them are great. Matt Diaz, Juan Rivera, and Thomas Neal -- all in camp as non-roster invitees -- seem to have the best shot at manning left on Opening Day, though that could change as April nears.