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AL Central rumors & news: Bourn, Ron Gardenhire, Royals

Michael Bourn didn't want to wait, Ron Gardenhire isn't a lame duck, and the Royals still have prospects. That's right, it's AL Central rumors and news time.

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Jamie Squire

If you had to pick right now, would you pick the American League Champion out of the AL West, AL Central, or AL East? Probably the west or the east, right? The American League Central is pretty stacked, though. The Kansas City Royals have a surprisingly good team on paper, and we already know how good the Detroit Tigers can be. The White Sox are always a possible contender, and the Cleveland Indians are rebuilt more than the Six Million Dollar Man.

Here are your AL Central news and notes:

Bourn's impatience

You can't really call him impatient. Michael Bourn simply didn't think the odds were high, and had a possible deal elsewhere. So, he didn't wait on the New York Mets.

  • While the Mets were battling the league and the CBA (you know, that CBA the owners and players agreed to?), Michael Bourn stopped waiting and signed with the Cleveland Indians. The Mets have the 11th overall pick in this year's draft. That's the first unprotected pick and would have gone to the Atlanta Braves as compensation for losing Bourn.
  • Sandy Alderson doesn't think the average Mets fan is anymore unhappy than the average Yankees fan. Of course, he isn't saying fans should be unhappy, but when taken completely out of context it sounds bad. The comments came as Alderson explained his disappointment about not getting Bourn. The club is happy with their future though.

Twins have a lame duck?

Major League managers who are on a one-year deal or in the final year of their contract with no extension on the horizon are considered lame duck managers. Often, their players respect them less, act up more, and don't perform as well. Of course, these observations are all subjective, but the term lame duck came from somewhere. Does it apply to Ron Gardenhire?

  • The Minnesota Twins have had a lot of success under manager Ron Gardenhire. However, they've struggled mightily of late. This may not be a direct result of Gardenhire's managing, but there has to be a scape goat. Gardenhire might fit that mold since he is only under contract for this season. However, Gardenhire says he is not worried.
  • Gardenhire understands the task ahead of him this season. He has to try to turn the Twins around, and he has to do it quickly considering his contract. He is in uncharted territory.

Royal Prospects

Despite making moves this offseason that could help the Kansas City Royals have a winning record for the first time since 2003, the club still has a deep farm system. And that makes their ownership group happy.