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Will Middlebrooks injury: No structural damage to wrist

The Red Sox medical staff has determined that there's nothing structurally wrong with Will Middlebrooks' right wrist.


The Boston Red Sox received a scare last night when third baseman Will Middlebrooks had to be removed from a spring training game against the Baltimore Orioles after checking his swing during an at-bat. Middlebrooks later said he felt fine, and the team's medical staff has since determined that there's nothing structurally wrong with his right wrist, according to Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe.

Middlebrooks exited last night's spring training contest against the O's after checking his swing during a first-inning plate appearance. The pain receded quickly, but the Red Sox weren't taking any chances and decided to remove him from the game considering the discomfort was in the same wrist Middlebrooks broke last season.

Rather than a broken bone or torn tendon, it's believed that Middlebrooks' pain was caused by the breaking up of scar tissue in the wrist. While the Red Sox medical staff is confident there's no structural damage, the 24-year-old is still going to see a wrist specialist for good measure.

Middlebrooks told reporters this morning that the check swing scared him, calling it an "awkward movement of the wrist." He was confident that he could workout and even hit today, but he expected Boston to take precautions considering it's still February.