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Yankees rumors: New York tired of Joba Chamberlain?

Are the Yankees tired of Joba Chamberlain?

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

New York Yankees right-hander Joba Chamberlain made comments yesterday that he could be a starter or closer in the majors. Considering the Yankees' response to the statement, Joel Sherman of The New York Post gets the feeling that the team is tired of Joba.

Sherman went as far as diagnosing the Yankees with "Joba fatigue." While Sherman views New York's current clubhouse as mostly a docile bunch, he says Chamberlain continues to be a child "trapped inside a 95 mph-throwing body."

Manager Joe Girardi and general manager Brian Cashman both dismissed Chamberlain's starting or closing comments. In fact, Cashman went as far as sarcastically offering up the position of center field to the right-hander, implying he could be a candidate to replace the injured Curtis Granderson.

Whatever the case, Sherman believes the Yankees will attempt to get the most they can out of Chamberlain this season - in a relief role - before allowing him to walk as a free agent next offseason. Once he hits the open market, Chamberlain could find another chance to start or become a late-inning reliever. However, in Sherman's opinion, this opportunity doesn't figure to come with the Yankees.

Chamberlain has spent six seasons with the Yankees. He broke into the league as a reliever, but he started 31 games for New York in 2009. In total, Chamberlain has maintained an ERA of 3.73 over 215 appearances, including 43 starts.