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Reyes speaks out vs. Loria

After Jeffrey Loria denied telling Jose Reyes to buy a house in Miami, Reyes has spoken out.

Tom Szczerbowski

After Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria denied that he told Jose Reyes to buy a house in Miami just days before trading him, Jose Reyes has decided to speak out.

The shortstop decided to come out and set the record straight, as he told Ken Davidoff of the New York Post that he went as far as to agree to a price on a house in the area.

Reyes signed a six-year contract with the Marlins, but obviously did not include a no-trade clause as it goes against the Marlins team policy.

Reyes said that anyone who did not believe him could ask his agent, who also heard the statements from Loria. Reyes claimed that nobody knew about the trade before it went down, and that he was even in Dubai on vacation and came home and signed the paperwork.

Reyes' agent, Peter Greenberg, confirmed everything that Reyes said. Apparently Loria even went as far as calling Reyes his "favorite player in the game."

Reyes said he now feels at home in Toronto, and is excited to play with the team. They should be a contender for the AL East this season, as they made a slew of acquisitions that should set them up for a pennant chase this year.