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Rockies Rumors: Jason Giambi wants to continue playing

Despite being linked to the previously open managerial gig in Colorado, Jason Giambi is not quite ready to hang up his cleats. He wants to keep playing, even if it's not for the Rockies.

Harry How

Jason Giambi wants to continue his playing career. And he very well may get his chance. Giambi has been attracting some attention on the free agent market. He has drawn interest from at least a few teams. Giambi has spent the last four seasons with the Colorado Rockies, but it seemed his career might be over when he interviewed for the team's previously-open managerial job.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post says Giambi has been working out five days a week in an effort to stay in shape for any team that comes calling. Giambi wants to give it one last shot says Renck. It seems unlikely that Giambi will return to the Rockies as a position player. He was offered a hitting coach position, but he turned it down in order to try to continue his playing career.

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Giambi has played in the Majors for 18 years. He was one of the more prominent players linked to PEDs. Giambi eventually admitted his wrong doing. Despite the admission, Giambi's playing career continued quite successfully for a number of years. He has been limited to pinch-hitting and the occasional start over the last few seasons. But he's still shown he can provide value.

Last season, Giambi played in 60 games and hit .225/.372/.305. His power numbers have all but diminished, but he can still get on base. He can draw walks with the best of them - a big reason why the Oakland Athletics drafted him (and yes, this was before Billy Beane's Moneyball philosophy).

In his career, Giambi has 429 home runs and has hit .280/.403/.522. He has played on eight playoff teams, and in his postseason career, Giambi has been even more dominant than in the regular season. In 45 postseason games, Giambi has hit .290/.425/.486. Given another chance, Giambi could certainly help a club seeking a veteran free agent. But he may struggle to find a team looking for the same things Giambi can truly provide at this point in his career.