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Giants rumors: Brian WIlson could return

Bruce Bochy doesn't believe the door is completely closed on former closer Brian Wilson.

Harry How

San Francisco Giants general manager Brian Sabean expressed doubt last month that the team would reunite with former closer Brian Wilson. However, manager Bruce Bochy said yesterday that he doesn't believe the door is completely closed on Wilson, reports Chris Haft of

Bochy prefaced his response to a question asking about Wilson's potential return to the Giants by saying that any decisions on which players San Francisco signs come through Sabean. Still, he doesn't view the door as being "completely shut" on the potential re-signing of Wilson.

Wilson is still recovering from his second Tommy John surgery, and he will likely have to prove he's regained arm strength before signing his next contract. The 30-year-old pitched for the New York Mets earlier this offseason, and it wasn't an impressive outing.

For this reason, Wilson may not sign on with a team until the 2013 season has started. He still has a few months remaining in his rehab process, as he underwent surgery last April.

Wilson has spent his entire professional career with the Giants, posting a 3.21 ERA with a 2.39 strikeout-to-walk ration over seven seasons in the majors. He's been San Francisco's closer since 2008, and he maintained an ERA of 3.00 while totaling 163 saves from 2008-11.