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Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw have 'mutual interest' in extension

The M's gave King Felix record money yesterday. Could Kershaw be next?


With the Mariners locking up Felix Hernandez to a record seven-year, $175 million deal, everyone wants to know which pitcher will be next to pull in big-time money. Look West, young man (or woman).

The Los Angeles Dodgers and ace left-hander Clayton Kershaw have a shared interest in working out a long-term extension, but are unwilling to disclose whether negotiations of a deal have begun:

Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers share "a mutual interest" in a long-term contract extension, General Manager Ned Colletti said Thursday.

Colletti wouldn’t say whether the club has started negotiating a new deal with Kershaw’s representatives and made clear he wants details of any talks to remain private.

Kershaw, soon to be 25, is signed through the coming season and has two years of arbitration remaining, so the Dodgers have no real incentive to lock up the left-hander immediately. But the club's recent TV windfall and their new tendency for spending gobs of money could hint at a deal in the near future. Perhaps even before spring camp comes to a close.

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There was speculation that the young left-hander could be baseball's first $30 million/year and $200 million contract pitcher long before Felix inked his record-breaking deal yesterday, so that possibility is looking even more likely now.

Kershaw dealt with potentially serious hip issues towards the end of last year, but the Dodgers have expressed no concern about it being a problem going forward. The southpaw is the earned-run average leader in the NL for two years running and owns a 2.79 ERA and 2.86 K/BB ratio in his five seasons of big-league ball.