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Orioles rumors: Jair Jurrjens deal falling apart?

With a week gone since Jurrjens underwent his physical for Baltimore, things aren't looking good for the right-hander.

Kevin C. Cox

Mike Napoli and Francisco Liriano may soon have some company in their exclusive, winter club of failed physicals and restructured deals.

The Baltimore Orioles and right-hander Jair Jurrjens agreed to a one-year deal with a base salary of $1.5 million a little over a week ago, but seem to have hit a snag in the results of Jurrjens' physical that could result in the deal falling apart, reports Eduardo A. Encina of the Baltimore Sun:

As for Jurrjens, it is becoming increasingly unclear whether the one-year deal between him and the Orioles will come to fruition.

Vetting his physical has become a week-long process and it doesn’t seem like it’s heading in a positive direction.

The O's are still having Jurrjens undergo medical evaluations, according to Encina's sources, so the club could decide just to renegotiate the deal a la the Red Sox/Napoli situation, but things don't look good at the moment. If the original deal does end up going through, Jurrjens can make up to $4 million with incentives.

Jurrjens, 27, has battled with a bum knee for the last three years, but it didn't seem have any negative impact on his performance until last season.

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Following an All-Star 2011 season in which the Jurrjens posted a 2.96 ERA in 23 starts, the right-hander putting up a 6.89 ERA in just 10 starts for the Braves in 2012, forcing the club to demote him to Triple-A on multiple occasions.

Even with last year's forgettable numbers, the right-hander owns a solid 3.62 ERA and 6.0 K/9 rate in six big-league seasons.