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Larry Walker, Alfredo Aceves, and the Devil

Avert your eyes! There be demons in these parts!

Christian Petersen

You may have heard there was a little ruckus over the weekend in the World Baseball Classic. Apparently Canada and Mexico got into it about who was a closer friend to the United States, and all hell broke loose... literally so if Larry Walker is to believed:

I'm not really up on my Canadian idioms, but I'm pretty sure "I saw Satan in his eyes" isn't a phrase regularly thrown aboot up there.

Certainly Aceves doesn't literally have the Morning Star hiding behind his eyes, unless he's trapped in some sort of demented Being John Malkovich scenario that we're all unaware of. Given the veteran reliever's struggles both on and off the field in the last year, possession by Lucifer would be a pretty damn good excuse, but for some strange reason that just doesn't seem likely.

So far as Aceves' future with the Red Sox goes, I think he ends up staying in Boston for the year. As they say everywhere (even Canada): "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't."