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Mets rumors: Santana unhappy with the team?

Mets pitcher Johan Santana is unhappy with the team.

Chris McGrath

Mets pitcher Johan Santana is still "bitter" towards the Mets, tweets John Harper of the New York Daily News.

The team accused Santana of not being in good pitching shape when he arrived at Spring Training, which has apparently offended the left-hander.

Santana is bitter over his "readiness to pitch," according to the tweet, which may mean that he is annoyed at the team's usage of the media to conduct this business.

The tweet also mentions that Santana is "barely communicating with club officials," which is certainly a concern as the team tries to get Santana back to health so that he can help the 2013 Mets.

Santana is signed through this season for $25 million and then he has a buyout at the end of the season for $5.5 million, which the team will almost surely exercise. The alternative would be paying him $25 million again in 2014, which they surely do not want to do.

Santana has dealt with many injuries during his Mets career, and communication has not been a problem during any of them. It should be interesting to see exactly why the left-hander is having troubles this time around.

The two sides have had multiple disagreements throughout Spring Training as to how ready he is to pitch.