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Jordany Valdespin is a man of few words

Jordany Valdespin was hit by a pitch, and let us know where in a very specific way.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Jordany Valdespin was hit by a pitch in an uncomfortable area, and Mike Puma of the NY Post was all over it.

Okay, so nothing too big yet. He was wearing a cup, right?

Puma has the scoop on this one. Tomorrow's headline: Mets unhappy with Valdespin for lack of cup.

Hate that feeling. That "oh sh-- it's right at his balls" one that everyone totally gets all the time.

Very subtle use of "boys" here, well done Mr. Puma.

Jordany Valdespin: not the most well-spoken person of all-time.

Nuff' said. All's well that ends well.