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Rangers rumors: Nolan Ryan still undecided on whether to stay or go

Rangers executive Nolan Ryan is still deciding whether to stay or leave.

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Nolan Ryan is undecided about his future with the team, but the team feels that he is likely to stay, reports Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

The article also states that Ryan will not work for the Astros, and even adds a little snark by saying that the Astros are a front office that only a "computer engineer could love."

Ryan now has to report to newly-promoted President of Baseball Operations Jon Daniels, which is part of the tension that grows. Ryan was Daniels boss until the new arrangements were made.

It was believed at the time that Ryan was fine with the move to make Daniels the boss, but at the age of 66 he might not love the idea of having a new boss nearly half his age.

Daniels tried to deflect the story to talking about the team, which should certainly be very talented in 2013. They won consecutive pennants in 2010 and 2011, but lost the World Series to the Giants and Cardinals respectively.

They have had some recent disagreements over personnel hires, but that was not believed to have created such a big rift that the two could not work together. It should be interesting to watch this story unfold.