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White Sox rumors: Chicago hopes to add at deadline

A lot can and will happen between now and the July trade deadline, but White Sox GM Rick Hahn is optimistic that his club will be buyers when the time comes.


It seems a bit early for anyone to be making proclamations about what their plans are for June and July -- e.g. I don't even know what I'm eating for lunch today -- but White Sox GM Rick Hahn seems confident that his club will be making additions at this year's trade deadline, not selling, reports Scott Merkin of

"The bulk of my focus, the bulk of our pro scouts' focus right now and their marching orders coming June and July, are pieces to add," said Hahn...

"As we sit here today, we conceivably think we will need X, Y and Z. That's where our focus is on adding and what pieces that are going to fit to take us to the next level."

Hahn added that the club would be prepared should circumstances change between now, but that he fully expects the White Sox to be competitive this year.

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The White Sox were rated by Keith Law as having the worst farm system in baseball before the 2012 season, but the system has started slowly moving its way up the ranks -- it was no. 28 this year -- and Hahn seems to be optimistic about the club's organizational depth:

"We certainly like where we are from a depth standpoint in the organization," Hahn said. "[White Sox director of amateur scouting] Doug Laumann and his staff have had a very strong couple of Drafts."

Chicago had one of the quieter offseasons around the league, despite losing their starting catcher and third baseman to free agency. Their biggest move of the fall and winter -- a two-year extension for Jake Peavy -- actually came before the postseason ended. The club also added third baseman Jeff Keppinger and right-hander Matt Lindstrom over the winter, but had been pretty close to silent before extending young left-hander Chris Sale on a five-year deal last week.