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Padres rumors & news: Headley, Quentin, Maybin

The San Diego Padres are rolling the dice on the team they have. With very little done in the offseason, is this a concession or is it confidence in their ability to build off of last year? We've got all the news and rumors for you.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

If the San Diego Padres were a car, they'd be that car you've had for years, tinkered with just enough to get it running decently, then stopped touching when it suddenly worked well. You know the car. Maybe you're driving it right now. It's the one that after barely holding together showed brief signs of life. Rather than take it in for a detailed diagnostic in hopes of maintaining that surge, you go completely hands off. You knock on wood, cross your fingers, and hope it keeps working.

That describes the Padres in annoyingly car-specific detail.

This is a baseball site, you don't care about cars! Here's your Padres news and notes:
  • The question is pretty simple, but the answer is far from it. Teams want Chase Headley. They want him bad. Yet, San Diego seems to be holding out hope that they can keep him long-term. Despite the rumors, Headley doesn't seem bothered. Paul White of USA Today Sports says Headley is used to them.
  • Headley reiterated his lack of concern with the rumors that are sure to come when he spoke with MLB Network Radio earlier today.
  • As we covered a couple days ago, the Padres are in wait and see mode with Headley. If the team performs well and makes a push toward the playoffs, he'll likely stay. But that doesn't seem very likely, so kiss him good bye San Diego.
  • The team's second biggest catalyst last season was Carlos Quentin. When health, he seems to be able to turn that team around. Unfortunately Quentin has now undergone two knee surgeries in a year and is still trying to get into the swing of things this spring. The San Diego Union Tribune had today's injury update.
  • Despite being one of the Padres' players currently battling injury, Cameron Maybin is pretty confident. He told MLB Network Radio that he would steal 50 bases in 2013. That's a bold statement for a guy who hasn't stolen more than 40 in a season. Also, let's not forget what happened when Matt Kemp made a bold prediction about steals (and home runs).

Should San Diego step up and surprise everyone this season, it seems like it will be more a result of overachievements from its roster rather than a calculated plan by the front office to keep what they had in place last year. Let's see how long they keep Headley if the season goes south, though.