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Yankees rumors: Derrek Lee to remain retired

The veteran first baseman has turned down Brian Cashman's offer to play in the Bronx.

Brian Kersey

The New York Yankees' attempt to draw veteran players out of retirement in order to fix their corner infield problem seems to have come up empty. Chipper Jones spurned the semi-serious offer from the get-go, Scott Rolen appears to be staying on the sidelines, and now Derrek Lee has formally turned down the chance to return to the ball field, according to Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports.

Lee, 37, was a longshot from the start, seeing as how he didn't play at all in 2012. The 15-year veteran held the stance last season that he was not "officially retired," though, leaving some room for Cashman to hope that the right offer could get him to suit up again.

With Jones, Rolen, and Lee out of the picture, it's likely the Yankees will turn to internal options to supplement Mark Teixeira for the time being. Veterans Dan Johnson, Juan Rivera, and Kevin Youkilis are all possibilities to man first base, though Youkilis' move across the diamond would force the club to play Jayson Nix or Eduardo Nunez at the hot corner, which the Bombers may be reluctant to do for any prolonged period.

Teixeira, who is nursing a strained wrist, is expected to be out until at least May.