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Yankees sign Brennan Boesch for $1.5 million

The New York Yankees have added some help for their outfield. Brennan Boesch has signed for $1.5 million.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

He's not exactly Curtis Granderson, but he;s an outfielder and he doesn't have a broken arm. Former Detroit Tigers' right fielder Brennan Boesch has signed with the New York Yankees. Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says the deal is worth $1.5 million plus incentives. Those incentives could increase the value of the contract by $600k.

Boesch was released two days ago, and the rumors that he would sign with the Yankees began almost immediately. With Granderson set to miss a large chunk of the beginning of the season, Boeasch joining the Bombers makes sense. However, Boesch does not have nearly the power that Granderson had. He will essentially just be another outfielder with which the club can move around to plug the holes.

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Boesch spent the last three seasons with Detroit. He was a 3rd round selection by Tigers in 2006. He made his Major League debut on April 23, 2010. In his three years in Detroit, Boesch hit .259/.315/.414. Boesch lost his job in right field the minute Detroit signed Torii Hunter this offseason. The club had some options, but ultimately they decided releasing the 27-year old was the best thing to do. They would have risked paying him more had they waited to release him any longer.

From the Yankees' standpoint, the Boesch signing is not one that will turn the team around. It may keep them afloat for the necessary time to get their veteran stars back, but Boesch is not going to suddenly breakout. He had a solid 2011, but 2012 was a poor showing and Boesch was left off the Tigers' playoff roster. He was actually left off the roster due to an injury, but it's not like he would have kept them from being crushed by the Giants in the World Series.

Boesch is a decent player overall. He will help the Yankees carry on as Granderson and Mark Teixeira sit on the bench. But he's not a game-changer. His signing is not one to get terribly excited over.