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Angels rumors: Team looking for a back-up catcher

The Los Angeles Angels are pretty set with Chris Iannetta behind the plate, but they are looking for someone to give him some days off.


The Craiglist ad is up. A sign is hanging from the GM's window. The Los Angeles Angels are looking for help. Sure, they've got a pretty impressive team already, but there are some minor areas that need improvement. One such area is the back-up catcher job. Danny Knobler of CBS Sports says the Angels are looking are looking for a back-up back stop.

Chris Iannetta is a solid starting catcher. He calls a good game behind the plate, but Iannetta is a light-hitter and he has not proven to be very durable in his career. The most games Iannetta has played in a season is 112. He has only played more than 100 games twice in his seven-year career. It's imperative that the Angels have a solid back-up.

Iannetta played in just 79 games last season and hit .240/.332/.398. He has hit .236/.354/.426 in his career. He's not going to light it up when he steps to the plate, but he will provide solid defense when he's behind it.

If the Angels are serious about finding a back-up, they may look to the veteran Ramon Hernandez. The Rockies have made it known that they are looking to deal one of their catchers - and it would most likely be Hernandez - so the match seems to be a perfect fit. Of course, such a deal could only be consummated if the Rockies weren't looking for more than the Angels are willing to give up. Without knowing the Angels' priorities, we can't say how likely a deal for Hernandez could be. But he's out there, and he's a solid catcher.

In his career, Hernandez has hit .264/.327/.417. He's 36 years old now and coming off a significant hamstring injury, so the Angels may not be as interested as they would be another veteran with less of an injury history. However, the league has proven to be accommodating to aging catchers willing to take on a back-up role. Just ask Yorvit Torreabla.

If the Angels are truly putting feelers out, they may not have to go very far east. However, Los Angeles has some internal options if a trade does not work out anywhere. Hank Conger and John Hester are options. Not very good options, but they are options.


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