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Best of Blogs, Week 11: Mike Piazza, Alfonso Soriano, World Baseball Classic

We've got Mike Piazza commercials. If that's not enough, check out what the rest of the blogging world had to offer in this week's Best of Blogs.


Every week when I write this column, I think about how I got into baseball writing. I've never shared that story with you all, and since you're my captive audience now, I think I will. Jayson Stark is the reason I even started writing about baseball. After he continuously bashed on Albert Pujols because of a "down" year in 2011, I felt the need to respond. Now, Jayson Stark was never going to read what I had to write, but I could at least get my thoughts out there.

From there, I kept writing. One time per day. Twice per day. Three times per day. Eventually I was recruited to a paying gig, and even more eventually (that's not a phrase) I landed here.

Ok, stop snoring and focus again. I tell this story because of all those out there writing for themselves. It's a good release. Keep doing it. Do it often. AND SUBMIT YOUR STUFF TO ME, so I can link you up here.

Commence with the Best of Blogs:

If you'd like to be included in Best of Blogs, shoot an email my way: jecazador(at)yahoo(dot)com. I promise I'll try to read it.

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